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Love Is Not All Around

main information

english title Love Is Not All Around

cast & crew

directorPatrick KONG Lim Sun
YE Nian Chen - 葉念琛
actorAlex FONG Lik-Sun - 方力申
Stephy TANG Lai-Yan - 鄧麗欣
Sammy LEUNG Chi-Kin
Miki YEUNG - 楊愛瑾
Hins CHEUNG - 張敬軒
Linda CHUNG Ka-Yan
scriptwriterPatrick KONG Lim Sun

additional Info

duration101 mins
classificationHong-Kong: Not suitable for children


Bo, Sun and Wing have been good friends since childhood. By coincident, Bo discovers Wing, who has just married Sun, is having an affair with Lynn. Strangely, Wing is upfront and has a discussion with Bo about having an affair. Bo good heartedly promises Wing to keep his affair a secret, only telling this secret to her room mate, Mandy, a neutral friend.

At the same time as Bo is solving her friendís love problems, she meets her ex, Alex, a relationship that ended sourly three years ago. Bo only used Alex to be with Shaun, which triggered a series of revenge and entered her relationship with Shaun. Since meeting Alex again, things begin to happen, liked the seriesof revenge three years ago, which allows Bo to believe Alex is behind these incidents. However, it turns out to be a misunderstanding and Alex has still get his heart set on Bo. An accident leads to Boís encounter with a doctor in the emergency room, Joe, who begins to chase after her. Alex bumps into Bo and Joe while they are on their date. Bo is embarrassed and is stuck, choosing between the two...

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