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Moon Warriors

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english title Moon Warriors
original title 戰神傳說

cast & crew

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directorSammo HUNG Kam-Bo - 洪金寶
actorAndy LAU Tak-Wah - 劉德華
CHANG YiLord Lanling
Maggie CHEUNG Man-Yuk - 張曼玉
Kenny BEE Chan-To - 鍾鎮濤
Anita MUI Yim-Fong - 梅艷芳
Kelvin WONG Siu
CHIN Ka-Lok - 钱嘉乐
action directorTony CHING Siu-Tung - 程少東
Corey YUEN Kwai - 元奎
composerMark LUI Chung-Tak
James WONG Jim - 黃霑
scriptwriterAlex LAW Kai-Yui
cinematographerArthur WONG Ngok-Tai

additional Info

genreswu xia pian (swordplay)
production studioTeamworks


According to the legend, Ah Fei was brought up the fish in the sea. Ah Fei possessed unusual process and skills but he was least interested in frame. A chance occasion led him to encounter Yin Sapsam, who was the heir to the throne of the dynasty, and became great friends. Thereafter, Ah Fei took upon the task to rescue Lau Nang Kwan and his daughter yuet Ah Yee. During the escape, Ah Fei and Yuet Ah Yee developed a strong affection for each other. But Yuet Ah Yee was already engaged to Yin Sapsam..

(source : DVD)

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