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The New Option - Run and Shoot

main information

english title The New Option - Run and Shoot
original title 飛虎雄獅之中環茶室兇殺案
aka The Tea House

cast & crew

actorMichael WONG Man-Tak - 王敏德
Suki KWAN Sau-Mei - 關秀媚
Farini CHEUNG Yui-LingBonnie
producerGordon CHAN Ka-Seung - 陳嘉上

additional Info

duration90 mins


Bonnie and Clyde were big-time criminals. After shooting dead one of their enemies in a restaurant, they robbed an underground bank. However, they encountered seversal off-duty members of the SKU, namely, Lucky Lun, Mo etc. Clyde had a brother who worked as security in a high-class mansion where Mr. Ho, one of the super-rich, and his mistress, Mrs. Chow, met in secret frequently. Bonnie, posing as a magazine reporter, got permission from Mrs. Chow to interview her at her home. She also knew that Mrs. Chow would hold a banquet in her home a few days later for her old classmates. At that night, Clyde kidnapped Mrs. Chow and had secretly asked Mr. Ho for 200 million HKD. Mr. Ho complied and having a good relationship with the police, he took Hon and his team off the case. Ann and Hon decided to do their own investigation. Since they could not use their own team in theinvestigation, Hon solicited help from Lucky Lun and Mo. They followed Clyde's brother to Clyde's den. Ann then reported to her superior that they had found the robbers of the underground bank and requested support from the SDU....

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