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The Myth

main information

english title The Myth
original title 神話
aka Timebreaker, Titanium Rain

cast & crew

directorStanley TONG Gwai-Lai
actorJackie CHAN Sing-Long - 成龍
Ken LO Hui Kwong
YU Rong-Guang - 于榮光
Patrick TAM Yiu-Man - 譚耀文
KIM Hee-Seon - 김희선
Tony LEUNG Ka-Fai - 梁家輝
Tommy SIK Siu-Lung
action directorStanley TONG Gwai-Lai
Jackie CHAN Sing-Long - 成龍
composerNathan WANG
scriptwriterStanley TONG Gwai-Lai

additional Info

production studioMedia Asia
production studioEMG
classificationHong-Kong: Not suitable for children and young teenagers


The year was BC221 when Qin Shihuang - the first Emperor of China - started to build a royal tomb for himself despite his infatuation with immortality. Through the prodigious endeavours of more than 700,000 forced labourers, the mausoleum was completed 37 years later. Legend has it that, to ensure utmost secrecy, all those who worked on the project were buried alive with the dead Emperor. There were no survivors.

Over the next two thousand years, historians, tomb-raiders, and happy- go-lucky adventurers alike have been homing in on the royal treasure buried within. However, no one has ever succeeded in locating the entrance to the mausoleum. Thus the bulk of the First Emperorís treasure, including his much-fabled elixir of youth, remains intact.

Until now, that isÖ.Intrepid archeologist Jack (JACKIE CHAN) and ambitious scientist William (TONY LEUNG KA FAI) set out on an adventure that would lead them to the greatest discovery in Chinese history. Their journey starts at Dasar, India, where they stumble upon an ancient sword from the Qin Dynasty and a magical gemstone that appears to be able to defy the force of gravity. The booty not only leads them to the mythical mausoleum, but it also connects Jack to his dark past life. Through strange and provocative dreams, Jack sees himself reincarnated as Meng Yi, a general who fell for the First Emperorís beautiful consort Ok Soo (KIM HEE SEON) some two thousand years ago. As Meng Yi commands his troops in an increasingly desperate war against rebels, he also has to battle his own inner desires in choosing between eternal love and loyalty. Returning to the present day, the final secret of the First Emperor is about to be revealed. The two adventurers successfully enter the Heavenly Palace, a fortress loaded with death traps and unspeakable evils, as Jack comes face-to-face with his past. Or is it really?

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