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main information

english title Tube
original title 튜브

cast & crew

director BAEK Woon Hak
actor KIM Seok-Hun - 김석훈
BAE Du-na - 배두나
PARK Sang-Min - 박상민
YU Seon - 왕유선
YU Tae-Wung - 유태웅
KIM Do-Yun - 김도윤
PARK Jeong-Wu - 박정우
KIM Su-Hyeon - 김수현
KWON Oh-Jung - 권오중
HAN Jeong-Su - 한정수
SON Jin-Ho - 손진호
BONG Tae-gyu - 봉태규
SA Hyun-Jin - 사현진
JEONG Jun - 정준
SIN Cheol-jin - 신철진
IM Hyeon-Shik - 임현식
KI Joo-Bong - 기주봉
action director JEONG Du-Hong - 정두홍
scriptwriter KIM Jeong-Min - 김정민
BYEON Won-Mi - 변원미
artistic director HWANG In-Jun - 황인준
editor PARK Gok-Ji - 박곡지
cinematographer YUN Hong-Shik - 윤홍식
assistant director KIM Jeong-Min - 김정민

additional Info

duration118 mins
distributorTube Pictures
financing studioTube Pictures


Still haunted by the loss of his lover during an assignment, police officer Do-jun (KIM Suk-hoon) spends his days away aimlessly, except going after Ki-taek (PARK Sang-min). He classifies Ki-taek as his number one opposite, and Ki-taek swears to eliminate Do-jun as well.

In a bomb hijack, Ki-taek is being followed by In-kyung, who has a crush on Do-jun, and all three are trapped in an unstoppable subway coincidently. There In-kyung meets Do-jun, but what lies in his mind is not purely taking revenge on Ki-taek.

The subway goes on, with a secret from the government to be exposed, and two heart-broken love stories behind two tough guysE

(source: DVD)

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