DVD Hero


This image is almost identical to the chinese DVD. The only difference is a slightly better compression. Otherwise, the qualities and lacks are the same: sharp image, very clean, with a very good compression, with some grain from time to time, vivid colors, and an annoying tiny vibration of the image (vertically). Not perfect then, but very convincing.


In one word: impressive. The 5.1 track of the chinese edition was already convincing, those two ones are even better. Let's focus on the DTS ES 6.1 track. I don't have yet the missing speaker to really enjoy it, but even without the quality is very impressive. Hero is probably the first full-rate DTS track ever made for a Chinese movie. To give you a hint of the difference, just note that the DD 5.1 track rate is "only" 448 kbps, when the DTS 6.1 impresses with its 1536 kbps. Three times better. The resultat is not that different from the 5.1 EX track, it's not three times better of course, but the quality is still slighty better. When it comes to the use of speakers though, it's not as impressive as it could be, with some scenes being less dynamic than others. But overall, that's two thumbs up without questions.


Very good english subs.

special features

Four sections, numerous special features, but they lack english subs, and just simply content. Of course, for the price, the result is already beyond our expectations. You will find there characters files, interviews (with english subs) of the cast and crew, bio in chinese for the same people, some informations about the colors and shooting locations, a making of without subs, a seminar lacking subs also, pics, trailers, movie-to-storyboard comparaison, many drawings, NG shots, and even more... If you don't speak chinese, you won't learn as much as expected from this DVD, but there is still enough to see.


Very impressive work for this part, with fully animated menus with music, great design, animated transitions and a nice cover. Nothing to criticize.

quality/price ration

The value for the price is just simply amazing. No other Hong-Kongese DVD can match with this impressive piece of work. Technically, it's almost perfect, and you have enough special features to play a bit more with your DVD player. With english subtitles for all the special features, this DVD would have kicked US or European double DVDs' ass.

04 April 2003
François | his/her reviews
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