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Mei Ah


A very satisfying image as usually with Mei Ah. The compression is very good, the image is very sharp, clean, with vivid colors, and in 16:9 of course. Nothing really important to complain about.


The 5.1 mix is also very convincing, with very strong basses, precise sound effects and atmospheres. No important lack to notice.


Excellent english subs.

special features

The making of would be interesting with subtitles, but you can already have a look at the shooting of the movie. The rest is the usual package with Mei Ah. And there are 4 nices postcards in the case. Not too bad.


Nice menus, animated and musical, nice cover, with a cardboard case. Nothing to complain about, good job.

quality/price ration

An excellent edition, lacking only some more special features. Except that, there is nothing much to complain about, even for people with a big TV and a good HC system. For the price, this DVD delivers.

12 January 2004
François | his/her reviews
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