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Tony LEUNG Chiu Wai  Daniel WU Yin-Cho  Maggie CHEUNG Man-Yuk  Charlie CHO Cha-Lei  TSUI Hark  Brigitte LIN Ching-Hsia  Michelle YEOH  CHOW Yun-Fat  Carina LAU Ka-Ling  Sophie NGAN Chin-Man  Donnie YEN Chi-Tan  WONG Kar-Wai  LAU Ching-Wan  Johnnie TO Kei-Fung  Corey YUEN Kwai  Loletta LEE Lai-Chun  HSU Chi  Sammo HUNG Kam-Bo  Bruce LEUNG Siu Lung  Jackie CHAN Sing-Long  Veronica YIP Yuk-Hing  Kent CHENG Jak-Si  John WOO Yu-Sen  Leslie CHEUNG Kwok-Wing  Tony CHING Siu-Tung  Anthony WONG Chau-Sang  Leon LAI Ming  Sandrine PINNA  Tony LEUNG Ka-Fai  TI Lung  Stephen CHOW Sing-Chi  Jet LI Lianjie  Cecilia CHEUNG Pak-Chi  Ekin CHENG Yee-Kin  Andy LAU Tak-Wah 
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon  Fearless  A Better Tomorrow 2  Fist of Fury  Due West 2 : Our Sex Vacation  Star Runner  Chungking Express  Shaolin Soccer  Happy Together  A Better Tomorrow  The Killer  House of Flying Daggers  Hero  Days of Being Wild  Kung Fu Hustle  Full Contact  Police Story  Infernal Affairs  Oldboy  The Water Margin  In the Mood for Love  Once upon a time in China  Unsubdued Furies  Merry Christmas Mister Lawrence  Iron Monkey  Bullet Ballet  Fist of Legend  Hard Boiled  Seven Swords  Infernal Affairs 3 
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